Coimbatore Events: How to organize an event

Organizing an event like a trade fair or exhibition is a great idea. It provides companies or individuals a platform to showcase their products and services. It also gives them an opportunity to let the public know who they are. 

These events are a great way to drum up business and gain new clients, or if the event is for a specific industry, network with fellow business owners. However, it’s not as easy as someone may think to organize one. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning it. 

You need to take note of the estimated number of attendees. With that, you’ll be able to consider what venue to use. You’ll also need to consider the date and time to hold the event, and how to market it to have the maximum reach.

The challenge is how to get all these factors together to launch a successful event. It might sound easy, however, it actually takes time before you can put all the pieces of the puzzle in the right places. Here are a few things that Coimbatore Events would have you consider. 

Plan in advance

One of the worst mistakes in planning any event is to do it just a few weeks from the scheduled date. It takes time and effort to pull out all the resources and help you need to make it a successful event. 

After all, it takes time for participants to prepare. Not only that, but you also need time to organize your event. You’ll need to contact potential vendors, plan some entertainment and of course, prepare a marketing plan to let potential attendees know.

Every trade show must be treated with care. You need to make an impression not just to the attendees, but to the vendors as well. This is how you’ll make a name for yourself. Once you start planning and holding a great trade event, you’ll generate a buzz and participants will be clamouring to be included in one of your events. 

Planning ahead also beats pulling out your hair when you’re not able to get any entertainment, food or more importantly, vendors, in. A great event takes a lot of time to plan. Make sure you have it and you’ll be good to go.

Gather your team

Planning an event doesn’t happen in one sitting, alone, in front of your computer. You’re just one person. You need to have someone you can trust to handle other things while you take the wheel on another. 

Gather people that have the experience and technical knowledge to set up an event. You can call on professional event planners who handle most of the nitty and the gritty in event planning.

As one of the event planning solutions companies out there, Coimbatore Events offers services to help you set up a successful event. We can create marketing strategies, look for your venue, and even help create and distribute ad copies. You’ll be able to reach more potential vendors or attendees this way, without having to exert too much effort.

This way, we can take the burden of preparing much of the event for you and you can focus more on the important things. This may include a list of vendors to invite, entertainment and other important details only you can decide on. Of course, when you tasked us to handle your event, we’ll make sure to run everything with you for approval.

Instead of spending time trying to go through the process of preparing the event yourself, you can leave it to us instead.

Find the right location

The first thing to consider when picking a location is what city it should be held in. Consider the accessibility of the city like transportation or accommodations. This is in case event partners need one for the location you’re considering. It should also be convenient to both your partners and prospective attendees. This helps with making sure people will flock to your event.

Remember to book your venue beforehand. It’s easier to book early to avoid any issues such as someone else booking the venue you want. You’ll also have more choices when booking early, and will be able to plan the layout of your venue better.

A small venue can seem larger when you plant its layout properly. It can provide enough space for attendees to move around comfortably despite a smaller space. You can also place the spaces for each booth to make them enough for each participant. This not only makes sure that each booth has equal space, it can also help you see how many more booths you can accommodate. 

Provide some sustenance

While some companies may have brought their own food, there’s a good chance that attendees didn’t. This is a great way to show how much you care for them. You can have booths of food and drinks available. 

Additionally, you can’t get wrong with providing food and drinks. Some staff may have not prepared food so having something to eat during a long day of work would be great.

You can have finger food available in the venue for convenience. Not only that people only need one hand to eat it, but they can also move around and check other booths as they do. This is also a good way to invite food cart owners to your venue and also strike some businesses and deals. 

This is especially great if the industry focused on the event is also food or businesses. You can also have drinks stations or booths to quench the attendee’s thirsts. 

Some trade fairs also have entertainment, which has slowly been an important aspect to include when planning. Investing in popular acts or resources will get possible attendees excited and interested in the event. 

Follow your budget

One of the things that can be neglected during planning is maintaining a budget. After all, you want to have the best event possible but, in some cases, it costs a lot of money. 

However, it doesn’t have to be so when you think about it. You just need to make the right choices, call the correct folks, and not over decorate. We understand you want to make the venue look good but too much might hurt your attendees’ eyes.

What you can do is set a budget for the whole event. From there, take a percentage of the budget to be used for different aspects of the event. There could be a percentage for the marketing, entertainment, decorations, the needs of your staff, and other items. This way, you won’t be tempted to use more than what you’ve allotted.

Here is where planning early comes in handy. If you go in and spend all willy-nilly for stuff you might not need as much as another more important thing, you might spend too much than what’s intended. Remember, you still need to earn from the event and if you spend too much, what you earn might only cover your expenses. 

Remember to follow-up

It’s always a great practice to follow up with your vendors and attendees after the event. You can contact some of the vendors and get their feedback. Since they experienced the event, they’ll know what could be lacking and improved on. They can also set you up with potential sponsors or even repeat participation for future events you set up.

Not only that, vendors might even recommend you to other vendors you weren’t able to get a hold of. If you successfully launched an event and vendors have great impressions of it, then other vendors will surely clamour to get involved.

Don’t miss out on following up with the attendees too. While they’re not part of the vendors, they can provide great insight too on what could be missing from your event. 

You can take their suggestions to further improve your events next time, and even promise to attend future events. You can also get ideas on how to better market your events next time to encourage more people to attend.

With the new age of technology, attendees are able to write reviews and decimate it online quickly, which will reach a lot of people, impacting any future events. If you have a multi-day trade show, attendees might be posting on social media which would have a great impact on the following days of your event.

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