Everybody owns a mobile phone these days. When you can do almost anything with a smartphone like check emails, browse the internet, and watch movies, it’s easy to recommend to anyone to at least have one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

But without the applications that let you do these amazing things, the smartphone is less valuable. Applications are the life and breath of technology, because software makes the hardware shine. The trouble is, app development is not as easy as how it’s actually used on a daily basis.

App developers are always working on making their apps functional and easy to use. Companies like Coimbatore Events set an example of why apps are so effective at what they do. Simple things like sending messages are made to be fun, and more complex activities like filing and computing taxes are made to be simple. 

So, what exactly are the reasons why apps are so challenging to make? 

Finding the right people

Entrepreneurs who never coded in their lives will quickly learn that programming is no simple task. Since the app market is on the rise, businesses seek to integrate their own software into mobile so that they can be more accessible to their customers. 

The problem lies in finding the right person to do the job. Only select people are the perfect fit for a particular company that will provide the right skills and mindset. It’s often hard to communicate to the app developers the very essence of the business into the app itself. 


Competing in the software industry is very difficult. There are many reasons why it is, but the one that stands out the most is the sheer number of applications you see in the app stores. There are simply too many of them out there with very little differentiation, which makes it harder to stand out.


App development companies are a tricky business. You have two options of going about your app development: either hire the right people to build the app or outsource the service to other companies. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be paying a hefty price for it. 

Marketing roadblocks

Marketing software, especially when it comes to a commodity like mobile applications, will be your biggest challenge. The space is dominated by the biggest companies in the world with unlimited resources, and you have to level with them. Getting to your users will take a long process and a lot of cash out of your pocket, but when all works out, it’s going to be worth it in the end. 

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